Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What type of music can you play?

A. We are an 'All in One' band which can meet the needs of a diverse audience.   'Oldies', R & B, Motown, Swing and Big Band make up our repertoire

Q: Is the Band able to travel?

A: Yes, We're based in Fresno, CA, but frequently travel anywhere throughout California and happy to travel anywhere in the country.

Q:  What type of clothing will the band members wear?

A:  The members are comprised of professionals and will wear clothing appropriate to the event/ occasion; Tuxedo’s, black suit and tie, black polo shirts & khaki slacks, or even Hawaiian shirts!

Q:  Is the volume of the band ever a problem?

A:  We are sensitive to the fact that a live band at times can seem a little too loud.  This can stem from a variety of conditions.  We will always be respectful to the wishes of the client or venue and will change volume when requested.

Q:  Can you cut the band down in size?

A:  There is minimum number of musicians needed to achieve the quality, sound and the variety which for specific types of musical requests. 

Q:  Can you back a guest singer or musician?

A:  Absolutely! We have had the pleasure of backing  the Temptations, Marvin Hamlisch, Rosemary Clooney, Al Martino, Four Tops and others! 

Q: Can the Band read music?

A: Yes, the band can read music.

Q:  Will you learn new music or songs which are not on your playlist?

A: Yes, we vary the play-list throughout the year and will ‘do our best’ to accommodate your request.

Q: Do you play requests?

A: Yes, we will honor any and all requests if it is in our repertoire.  If we do not already play your song, we'll be happy to play a recording on our break.

Q:  How much space does the band require?

A:  For our 10 piece band  we prefer to have 20’ across by 16’ deep.

 Q:  Can we use the microphone for announcements?.

A: Yes

 Q:  Can you provide MC services?

A: Yes, or you may provide you own mc and use our sound system.

Q:  Does the band take a break?

A: The band will take a 10 minute break after the first hour and then each 50 minutes.  We try to time breaks with the ‘natural flow of the event’. Such as during toasts, cake cutting, speeches, etc.

 Q:  How do you choose which music to play?

A:  In most cases, we ‘read the crowd’.  If people respond to a particular style of music, we usually stay with that style of music. If you request us to play only certain songs or types of music, that is what we’ll play.

 Q: Will you help us choose songs for our event?

A: We have an extensive library of music to assist you with your song selections.

 Q: Do you have recorded music during the band breaks?

A: Yes, we have our own or we will play whatever it is you request or provide for us to play.